Metal garden pots - small urban and domestic architecture

Metal garden pots are indispensable in any home garden or urban green space decorative accessories. Designerly composed with your favorite plants, they create a unique style of any green space. At ITC Garden, we have created pots that are durable, stable, chic and, importantly, support plants in any weather.

Metal garden pots – decorative elements of small architecture

Metal flower pots are an idea for a modern and functional plant cover. They are an indispensable decorative element of modern home gardens, terraces, balconies or gazebos. They will also work well as the basis of green ivy screens, commonly used as living fence systems. The lightness of the design of the pots makes them successfully used also in interiors – living rooms, dining rooms, halls.
The originality of design, resistance to mechanical damage and weather conditions, as well as favorable price, make metal garden pots also reached for, among others, landscape designers, developers, restaurateurs and business customers. Pots enable effective organization of green urban zones such as parks, squares, plazas, parking lots, alleys. They increase the attractiveness of areas around railway stations, airports, intersections or traffic circles. Plant compositions also enrich the landscaping around office buildings, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, public administration facilities or cultural and sports centers. This is a great way to create an intimate space in restaurants, catering gardens and pubs.

What kind of plants for metal pots?

Just as there are many possible uses for ITC Garden pots, there are also many types of plants that can be placed in them. The width of 100 cm allows you to freely plant a rectangular metal garden pot with smaller flowers, herbs and succulents of various types, or to accommodate single large shrubs, trees or ivy panels in it. The optimum height of 50 cm and depth of 35 cm pots make it possible for plants to grow and bloom comfortably. The interior of the pot is insulated with styrofoam to provide plants with optimal conditions for year-round growth without frost. For convenience of use, the pots are also lined with black material, which protects the plants, facilitates repotting and care, and adds elegance to the overall composition.

Style and functionality of metal garden pots

We offer metal garden pots in two color variants. Expressive dark graphite accentuates the minimalist style of modern objects and builds the dynamics of the space through strong contrasts. In turn, the classic subdued light gray shade is a proposal for enthusiasts of traditional compositions of arrangements and colors that harmonize space. The elegant style of our pots goes hand in hand with the quality of the material. We make metal garden pots entirely from hot-dip galvanized sheet metal and powder-coat them in an automated paint shop. We also offer dimensionally and color-matched bases (draining boards).

Order cheaper with warranty directly from the manufacturer

At ITC Garden, we have been professionally manufacturing a variety of wire, pipe and metal products for over 30 years. Precision in the execution of each detail, reliability and repeatability in the manufacture of items is our standard. We also do not forget about design and are constantly looking for innovative concepts for the use of sheet metal. With us you get certified product quality and original design. ITC Garden metal flower pots are designed for simple self-assembly. This is an asset for home do-it-yourselfers who create their dream gardens from scratch themselves.

Metal garden pots – basic parameters:

Height: 40 cm
Width: 120 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Possibility to buy a stand (draining board)
Material: galvanized steel (powder coated sheet)
Color: dark graphite, light gray
Internal polystyrene insulation
Application: indoor and outdoor
Assembly: self-assembly of elements

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