Green ivy eco panels

Green ivy eco panels- price, application, manufacturer

Basic parameters and price of green ivy eco panels:

  • Plant: ivy Hedera Helix
  • Height: 195 cm (after digging in 180 cm)
  • Panel width: 120 cm
  • Material: 4 mm thick steel wire
  • Protection: layer of zinc and powder paint
  • Panel color: graphite RAL7016
  • Application: indoor and outdoor
  • Production of up to 15kg of oxygen per year
  • Reduction of up to 20kg of Co2 per year
  • Price: gross 489 PLN (upgrade version), gross 699 PLN (finished panel)

green ivy eco panels for garden, catering, small urban architecture

Green ivy panels are complete and ready-to-install natural fencing systems. Evergreen and easy-care ivy, combined with strong steel mesh, is a functional and visually appealing alternative to standard fence panels. And in addition, it produces up to 15 kg of oxygen per year! At ITC Garden, in addition to striking design, we offer attractive prices for green ivy screens and customization of the product for a wide range of applications.

Intimate and safe around the house
We value ivy for its special ornamental qualities and the versatility of this plant’s applications regardless of the season. Ivy is hardy, long-lived, shade-loving and easy to care for. Green ivy screens enrich the arrangement of home gardens, balconies, terraces, swimming pools, green roofs. They are used as a system of living green soundproofing fencing or as an independent decorative detail of the space.

More oxygen less pollution – superpowers of green ivy screens
When you decide on green ivy screens in your own garden, urban space, estate or restaurant, you are also supporting the environment. Here the numbers speak for themselves. A single panel absorbs up to 20 kg of carbon dioxide per year. At the same time, it is able to provide up to 15 kg of pure oxygen. Breathe fully with ITC Garden’s green ivy screens.


Green ivy eco panels

Aesthetically and environmentally friendly in urban space
The lightweight frame design, price and high aesthetics of green ivy screens make living ivy panels great for public spaces. They absorb pollutants from the air, regulate humidity levels and enliven cities. They are both functional screens for restaurants or aesthetic shields to protect from wind, sun, noise, as well as subtle fences for public buildings.

Green and imaginative in landscape design
We also recommend our panels to the attention of landscape designers and architects. The muted graphite color of the mesh and the subtle texture of the wire (4 mm bars) mean that the panels can be elegant and tasteful modular fencing systems or decorative hedges. This is an excellent solution for developers in the design of modern and cozy estates and for arrangers of small urban architecture. Minimal maintenance costs (cyclic watering, pruning and braiding of vines is sufficient), quick self-assembly of panels and any configuration of hedges are other advantages of the product.


green ivy eco panels, price straight from the manufacturer.

We are an experienced manufacturer of metal products. We guarantee the highest quality and competitive prices of steel mesh, which is the basis of green ivy screens. Strength, stability and resistance to changing weather conditions are the basic parameters of our panels. The strong wire mesh provides a reliable support structure for ivy, as well as a safe and tight fence. In the price of green ivy screens, our customers receive a locally grown Hedera-Helix ivy panel, climbing on a metal frame in optimal dimensions for the needs of this plant – 180 cm high and 120 cm wide. Prices for the finished panel start from 699 PLN gross, and for the DYI panel from 489 PLN gross.
To the basic price we add the cost of transport determined individually, depending on the number of panels purchased. In addition to ready-made ivy mesh panels, we also offer decorative metal pots for ivy panels.

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