Small architecture
manufacturer ITC Garden

Aesthetic and functional arrangement of usable and domestic space – this in a nutshell is small architecture. Manufacturer ITC Garden combines innovative designs with craftsmanship in its offer. With us you will arrange your own garden relaxation area in a modern way. You will create a unique atmosphere in your restaurant with green ivy panels. You will support the environment by collecting used bottle caps for a metal heart at school. You will take care of attractive bicycle racks and dumpster enclosures in front of your business. Visit ITC Garden’s online store and choose your set.

Co u nas znajdziesz?
Żywe panele z bluszczu

żywe zielone panele roślinne na stelażu siatkowym dostępne u producenta w wariantach do własnego rozrostu lub w pełni ukształtowane

Ozdobne ogrodzenia

ogrodzenia ozdobne do ogrodu – panele siatkowe z ocynkowanej stali z wzorami w kształcie rombów, łuków, okręgów, kwadratów, owali

Donice ogrodowe

ozdobne donice zewnętrzne i wewnętrzne na żywe panele z bluszczu lub inne rośliny dla zieleńców domowych, gastronomicznych, w centrach handlowychi kulturalnych, parkach

For whom do we produce small urban and garden architecture?

We are a manufacturer of small architecture that combines experience with innovation. We are distinguished by more than 30 years of presence in the market of metal products under the brand name ITC Metal and a constant effort to develop our product portfolio. We have a manufacturing infrastructure and a pool of professionals. Why else can you trust us?

Individual customers

With our green ivy screens, metal flower pots and decorative fence panels, you will create an intimate and safe resting area in your garden, terrace or balcony. The square footage does not limit your imagination with landscaping elements from manufacturer ITC Garden. Surround yourself with nature around your home and enjoy relaxation.

Business customers: catering, developers, public administration, construction.

Original ideas for arranging utility spaces will set your business apart. Metal fencing, trash enclosures, plastic recycling garbage cans or urban green area arrangements do not have to be boring and predictable. In ITC Garden’s online store you will select the optimal sets of elements for the scope of your services.

Garden architects and designers

As a manufacturer of sheet metal, wire and metal spinning products, we know how important is the craftsmanship of workmanship itself. When the simplicity and usefulness of a product is emphasized by the finesse of design. Original designs of landscaping elements available from us will meet the expectations of demanding designers.

Companies installing fences and green screens

Our 2D metal fence panels and ivy structures are more than functional. We combine safety and reliability with a design dimension. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer with consistent on-time deliveries, come to us.

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